Here you will find various pictures taken during visits of some of our world cultural and natural heritages (according to the UNESCO). You can click on the map below to access these pictures or use the left-side menu.

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A day will come, and sooner than we think, where the degree of civilization will not be measured against its ascendancy over nature, but against the quantity and the quality, the extent and savagery of nature that it will leave behind.

Robert Hainard In Defense de l'image (1967)

Un jour viendra, et plus tôt qu’on ne pense, où le degré de civilisation se mesurera non à l’emprise sur la nature, mais à la quantité et à la qualité, à l’étendue et à la sauvagerie de nature qu’elle laissera subsister.

Robert Hainard In Defense de l'image (1967)

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